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Open Your Eyes

It's high time you dig beyond what you merely see.

It's time to see by My Spirit, My precious Holy Spirit that resides in you.

The answers you seek are not far from you. You are merely searching for answers in the wrong places.

It is time to open your eyes, for I have given you eyes to see.

Remember My words, you walk by faith and not by sight. My voice will be your guide, and the voice of a stranger shall you never know.

As you read, the scales fall off your eyes. And you see!

Pray now and always for your brothers and sisters all around. For the wicked one desires to keep you blind. But by My Spirit, blindness has no place in you.

Be bold and confident of My work in you.

Blessed are your eyes, for they see.

Blessed are you, for My Spirit dwells on the inside of you.

Blessed are you, for you see.

Seek your answers in Me.


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