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A lot has been said and pre-written about the end of time and the last days,

but I tell you in the 'Now' what to do and what manner of conduct to have.

My soldiers, having professed to me in song and gifts, where are you in the battle of the Faith. All the instructions I gave, all the ministries I told you to serve in, You joined when you were in need and desperate for me, Now I need you out and active in those fields and insisting on me.

Quit waiting for activity and when next your overseer says there is a program or event.

Be Present! in My Presence 'cause I'm omnipresent. Won't your overseer be happier that you run with same passion as he/she. Here is the day when you need to 'DO' and gather those I gave you to work with.

I told you that in the last days, men will be lovers of themselves than of God. Can't you see how you've sought your comfort and left my work, claiming others are doing it.

Stop giving excuses. Even the others are getting weak 'cause you can't leave your all and carry your instructional cross.

Welcome to Adulthood my Child.

In Love,


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1 Comment

reading this again and it is still as instructional today.

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