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My love,

How are you? Good? Fine? Just there? Stressed? Tired? Probably burnt-out? Or maybe just fed up?

I know you've been looking for a way out.

You have searched in the wrong places but I am here to show you the way in, the way into my rest.

Darling, it's time to "leave your life”, by just doing these simple things:

Now, read gently:

• Let Me carry your burdens.

• Find Life in Me and not just answered prayers. Why buy Ice-cream when you have access to a topnotch Ice-cream factory?

• Do not mock those that genuinely love me and run to please my heart. Truth is: when you really know me, your heavy heart is eased.

Dear one, pause and check your heart now to know if anything is making you heavy.

• Even If you already know Me, remember you can always exchange the heavy heart for My presence. (My arms are wide open)

• Yield to My ways and obey My instructions. They may not make immediate sense but trust Me even as We go together.

• Leave your Life to My care. I guard My own jealously.

• Perhaps life got too hard and you have forgotten what I truly mean to you. I know you miss my presence and the times we have fellowshipped together. I am still here, I never left. Just gently, say Yes and ask for my help.

I love you precious one.

Now Leave your Life and receive My own. My Life has eternal immunity so hold on to this Life.

Congrats on your approved LEAVE!

Warm regards,


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