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You probably didn't know I had them, but it drains me of every spiritual high I ever experienced.

So it started from my younger days, I stumbled on different things and tried almost all.

for close to 8years I tried to get to get over them. Maybe I did, but my next ventures were worse than the first. Really wanted to stop but after a long while, I somehow get back there, sometimes after a short while.

I watched people get moved in the Spirit when I use my God-given gift and I wondered how come, maybe God's Mercy kept leaving me an avenue to return. At some point I realized that I was done with these things. At some other point somehow got back there.

Apparently the secret was one of the problems, and the desire to return. One day I prayed that the desire be taken, and suddenly noticed that it disgusted me. Took so much conscious effort to restore the desire, cause I got introduced to some deeper dimensions. I was delivered but didn't realize. I was really deceived.

*Deep Sigh*

I found Love in the midst of the mix, that was what started the deliverance. I saw myself praying while sinning. I knew another had owned me at that point, but my 'self' still wanted the disgusting desire. Love is patient and hoped all things till I could type this.

My Name is Bayo, and I hope you find Love.

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